Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ) Report 2018


Owner of Pharmacy: PillTime Ltd (Company Reg: 10381083)

Address of pharmacy: Unit 9, St Andrews Trading Estate, Third Way, Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 9YE

Date patient survey completed: 05.02.2018

Every year we undertake an annual patient survey to enable our patients to provide valuable feedback on the services that we provide. The survey undertaken by all pharmacies in England is called the community pharmacy patient questionnaire. The report of our survey results allows us to identify the areas where we are performing strongly, the areas for improvement, and the actions required to address issues raised by our respondents. Our results for 2017/2018 are provided here.


Top areas of performance


Being polite and taking the time to listen to what you want 84% of respondents were happy.

The staff overall and the service provided 86% of respondents were happy.

Answering any enquiries you may have 81% of respondents were happy.

The quality of the packaging used for the product 94% of respondents were happy.

The condition in which you received your medication 87% of respondents were happy.


Areas in greatest need for improvement


The ease of contacting the pharmacy 20% of respondents highlighted this point.

Having someone available to deal with any problem with your prescription after it has been delivered 20% of respondents highlighted difficulties in being able to speak to someone about their enquiry..

Action taken: A new Mitel customer service system has been procured and installed which has improved communication with patients:

  • increased the volume of phone lines coming into the pharmacy.
  • a voice mail option is available for patients to use, should they call at peak times or outside our business hours.
  • a call back option is available for patients if they would like a member of the pharmacy team to call them back.

Providing an efficient delivery service 28% of respondents highlighted this point.

Action taken: In addition to using Royal Mail, we have partnered with DX, which has allowed us to enhance our delivery options for patients.


Age range of respondents



Profile of respondents


This is the pharmacy that the respondent chooses to use if possible:81%
This is one of several pharmacies that the respondent uses:9%
This pharmacy was just convenient for you this time:11%