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Taking your medication wherever you are, on time, every time promotes health, independence and freedom. Rest assured, you never have to miss a dose again.

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Did you know 50% of people regularly miss doses?

We are an NHS pharmacy that delivers your medication for free - sorted into clearly labelled, easy to open pouches along with any other medication you may need.

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What our patients say...

"Best thing I’ve ever done. Delivery is exactly on time every month and PillTime customer service is excellent."


"The best decision I have ever made. Now I take all my tablets regularly."


"I normally find it quite difficult to sort my meds. I’ve tried the dosette boxes but I had problems getting meds out. It’s so much easier to keep on track with the pouches."


"I would very highly recommend this company. My pills are delivered to my door and they are all packed ready for each day so it’s ideal!"


"Fantastic service, I used to forget to take my meds sometimes as I was running late, now I can rip a strip off and never forget. It’s a life changer for me! Thankyou"


"Taking my medication on time is often a worry for me, but Pilltime has completely removed that worry from my mind! Very helpful, an excellent service!"


"Used for a long time now. Very helpful, always on time... don't know what I would do without them. Tell all my health care professionals how good they are. Spot on!"


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The most important healthcare innovation in decades.

Dr. Hilary Jones explains how PillTime could make your medication simple and hassle-free.

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More than just a pharmacy

We do more than just deliver your medication. Want to know where we stand on the environment, the NHS and more? Check out our ethos page.

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