Your daily medication doses sorted into handy pouches

The front of your pouch lists each pill, and shows the dose, date and time to be taken

Free delivery from our NHS pharmacy direct to you

Our NHS pharmacy works around you

Is PillTime for me?

  • Take four or more types of prescribed tablets each day
  • All ages welcome
  • Any type of health condition
  • Sign up for yourself or someone needing help
  • No need to go to a pharmacy and wait for your medication
  • Your GP surgery is located in England
taking prescription medication

Its easy to sign up today

There’s just four simple steps:

Step 1

Sign up to PillTime

Simply sign up with our online form and you will receive a confirmation email from us

Step 2

Request your prescription

As you have signed up to PillTime, when you request your prescription from your GP, it will come to us (instead of your usual pharmacy) so we can sort your medication into pouches

Step 3

We sort your medication into pouches

We’ll sort and pouch your pills for each of your pill times – and it’s completely free

Step 4

We deliver to your door for free

We deliver your medication to your door before it is needed

Who are you looking to help?

I’m looking for
myself or a loved one

Get their medicine delivered to you, or send it directly to them.

I’m looking for
my business

We work with many businesses, from care homes to pharmacists.