A medication solution tailored to your individual needs.

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Medication Made Simple

We package your medication into pouches by dose, and deliver to your door with no cost to you.

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Never forget another tablet with PillTime

We request your prescription from your GP, and pre-pack your medication into clearly-labelled, easy-to-open pouches in a sturdy dispensing box.

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We Simplify Pharmacy

Your GP sends us your prescription, and we synchronise your medication into one delivery.

Not Just Tablets

PillTime can send you everything you need; including tablets, creams, liquids and inhalers.

Always In Touch

We are always here to help you. Your health is our priority and we keep in touch through every step.

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We Work With Your Surgery

PillTime synchronises your prescriptions, so that you have one convenient delivery per month.

Tracked Free Delivery

Any additional items you need, including creams, inhalers or liquids are delivered with your box.

Hassle-Free Medication

Just tear off the right pouch for the right time, and you’ll be on track. We make medication easy.

Dr Hilary Jones

"This is the most important medication innovation in decades"

Dr. Hilary Jones endorses PillTime, knowing the dramatic impact it has on the lives of patients managing long term conditions.

Over 50% of people don’t take their medication,

increasing their risk of serious complications


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