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Your Medication, Made Simple


PillTime does everything your high street pharmacy does, while making your life more convenient and medication easier to manage.

We get your prescription from your GP,  pre-pack your medication by the dose into clearly labelled pouches and deliver it to your door – as easy as that.

A Safer Way to Manage your Medication

We obtain your prescription

Your GP sends us your prescription direct – saving you time wasted in surgery queues.

We pre pack your medication by the dose

Your pouches come organised by the dose, labelled with the right time to take them.

We post to your door

Our NHS Pharmacy delivers your PillTime box direct to your door – free.

Did you know…

Over 50% of people using regular medication often miss a dose, leading to serious health risks.


"I started it because I could see my patients not getting any better."

Paul Mayberry started PillTime as he could see his ‘regulars’ constantly feeling unwell.

After 20 years running a local pharmacy Paul got frustrated seeing patients that had become friends feeling constantly unwell. He dug into the root of the problem and discovered it was almost always down to patients not taking their medication properly.

Try us - you have your health to gain

Never forget another pill.

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