A medication solution tailored to your individual needs.

Providing NHS Services

We Obtain Your Prescription

We speak with your surgery, synchronise your medication into one monthly delivery and obtain your prescription.

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Simple PillTime Box with Dosed Pouch

Organised Medication

We make sure your prescription comes in one delivery, once a month, and we take care of your repeats. We are a hassle-free pharmacy.

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We sort your tablets into clearly labelled pouches.

All your tablets are sorted into pouches and triple checked
by our team.
They’re clearly labelled ready for your use.

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Not Just Tablets

We Deliver All Your Prescription

If you have additional items, these will be packaged with your pouches to ensure you have everything.

Giving You Your Freedom Back

Your pouches are pre-packed with your medicine, so just tear the pouches off as you need them.

NHS Service, No Cost To You

We are an NHS service that organises your medicine into pouches and delivers to your door.

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Alison's Story

We help people like Alison reclaim their independence

Alison no longer has to rely on the goodwill of neighbours. PillTime put her back in control of her medication. Alison loves that PillTime pouches are stamped with the date and time of the dose needed, I no longer have to leave sticky notes everywhere reminding me to take my tablets.