Our top five tips!

Even though our PillTime pouch system is a game changer if you take regular, multiple medication, we can all benefit from some good advice now and then.

Courtesy of the PillTime team, here are our five top tips to help you keep track of your medication.

Keep track of your medication in 5 easy steps:

💊  Use PillTime pouches, to ensure every dose is simply organised and clearly labelled.

💊   Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to take your doses. Tip: You can set the alarm(s) to go off at the same time, every day.

💊   Keep your PillTime box visible, in a place you’ll be able to see it and easily access it.

💊   If you ever get confused or forget whether you’ve taken your dose, check the date on the next pouch dispensed from your PillTime box.

💊   Tick your doses off on a wall calendar. E.g., if you have three doses a day, every date on the calendar should have three ticks before you go to bed.