How Keeping a Routine Helps You Take Your Medication Correctly

taking prescription medication


No matter what age you are, medication is a part of most people’s lives. Whether you’re taking a regular prescription, or dependent on over the counter solutions, it is currently estimated that up to 70% of the population takes at least one medication on a daily basis. Whatever the condition being treated, the importance of taking medication correctly and as intended is vitally important. And a clear and consistent routine can be the key to success in this. But why are routines so successful in supporting medication adherence?

Routines Support Continuity of Action

On average, it takes 3 weeks to make an action a habit according to current scientific data. If you want to lose weight, exercising for 3 weeks is supposed to solidify the action in your mind. What does this mean for your ability to take medication correctly? It simply means that if you continue to take medication at a specific time during the day, you will continue to do so as a continuity of action. Continuous actions will continue and keep the action in your mind.

Reduces the Risk of Double Dose

Having a strict routine is not for everyone, but if you are actively taking your medication, it can certainly help. Ensuring you have a set in routine will help you determine if and when you took your medication. This is vitally important for those that take multiple medicines throughout the day. A double dose of some medicines can have severely negative impacts, and a structured routine will keep this from happening.

Take Pills with a Specific Meal

We all have to eat and for most people, they eat multiple times each day. Consider establishing a routine where you take medication at the time of a specific meal. This is phenomenally helpful with many medications as they are supposed to be taken with food, so bring out your morning pills with your morning breakfast to ensure you take everything properly.

Routines Can Help Caregivers Also

Elderly individuals and disabled people often have to rely on the care of others. This care is generally done on a routine basis and by establishing a standard medicine routine, you can assist your caregivers in keeping track of your medical needs as well. For instance, if a caregiver notices a patient is more lethargic than normal, they may wish to seek medical assistance. However, if a proper routine is established, the issue can be a case of merely forgetting to take a specific medication. That is merely one example, but your caregivers should always know when and how you take each medicine.

Helps You at Doctor Visits

Having a routine for when you take your medicines is not just an assistant for you, it might even help when you visit the doctor. Establishing a routine of when and how you take medication can have an important impact on your day. Knowing when you generally take medications can help your physician know when the dosage may need adjusting. The physician can also suggest specific times for medicines based on general side effects, so you can take medicine without feeling sleepy or over excited depending on the type of medication it is.

Do Pill Organiser’s Help?

A traditional way to organise medication into time slots is a pill organiser. This may be suitable if you take 1-3 medications a day. By sorting medication into labelled time slots, it is clear if medication has been taken on time and in routine. However, if you are on 4 or medications then this may not be the test option. Sorting a larger number of medications into a dosset box is both time consuming, and carries a higher risk of a mistake being made during the sorting.

If you are taking 4 or more medications, there is a better option…

Use a Pouched Solution, from a Digital Pharmacy

One of the most unfortunate attributes of not establishing a proper routine is not knowing when you will run out of your medication. Digital pharmacies are here to help you keep your medicines organised and always have what you need on hand. Facilities, such as PillTime, are NHS registered pharmacies that pre-sort and manage prescriptions so your medication arrives ready for you to take and in the correct dosage. This service can be vital to those that live on their own or have memory lapse issues. If you want to establish a proper routine, a digital pharmacy is a way to start.


Getting organised is not always easy, but when your health is at stake, it is essential. Your prescriptions help keep you living a quality life and when you forget to take one or take a double dose, your health is at risk. Take the time to establish a proper routine for your life and help manage your dosage and medication properly. It might seem like a little thing, but having a routine is vital to your quality of life. And if you would like to learn more about PillTime, please click here.