• What do I need?
    What do I need to sign up?

    It helps to have a recent prescription to hand.

    1. Tell us your name as it appears on your prescription
    2. We need your NHS number, this is on your prescription too
    3. Provide an email address (that is personal to you)

    Is PillTime right for me?
    • You take four or more types of prescribed medication each day
    • All ages welcome
    • Any type of health condition welcome
    • Sign up for yourself or for someone needing help
    • Your GP surgery is located in England

    Can I speak to someone before I sign up?

    Yes! Feel free to call our friendly, Bristol based customer care team who can help with any questions

  • Sign up
    How do I sign up?

    Click here or on the ‘sign up’ button at the top and go straight to our simple form. It takes around two minutes to complete.


    • Have a recent prescription to hand. Enter your information as it appears on your prescription, so we can find your details with NHS England.
    • When entering your email address, use one that only you have access to.

    What happens after I sign up?

    1. We will email you to confirm that PillTime is your ‘nominated’ NHS pharmacy and will now dispense your medication. We will also contact your GP surgery to let them know unless you prefer to do this yourself.

    2. We ask you to order your first prescription from your GP. After this we can take over ordering your repeat medication.

    3. We will keep you updated on what is happening by email or text message.

    4. You can create your own online Your Account  and see how your order is progressing.

    Why do I still need to contact my GP and request my medication?

    Though you’ve chosen PillTime as your new pharmacy, you still need to order your first full prescription with your GP, who can then send it to us.

    It means we can see all the items you need and can check, arrange and schedule your medication, so that everything arrives together. From then on, you can leave everything to us.

    Can I sign up on someone else’s behalf?

    Yes, you can sign up for a loved one or someone in your care with their permission. For safety, we may contact you for proof of your identity and your relationship with them.

    When will I receive my first PillTime box?

    It will arrive before you need your next prescription, But if you need your medication within 10 days of signing up, you’ll need to collect this as usual from your local pharmacy. We will then provide your medication the following month.

  • Your Account
    What is Your Account?

    Your Account is a free personal online account that you can create with PillTime. It lets you login to your PillTime customer account, via our website.

    How do I set up Your Account?

    We will set up Your Account for you when you sign up. You can set your own password the first time you log in.

    What details can I see in Your Account?

    You can see details of your prescribed medication, details of deliveries made and how your latest order is progressing.

    Is everything online or can I speak to someone too?

    It’s easy to reach us if you ever have any questions or concerns.

    Our friendly customer services team, based in Bristol, is happy to help.

    Customer care work alongside our team of pharmacists, dispensers and prescription managers. So we’re well-placed to resolve any issues with your prescriptions, as well as helping you to use our free service.

  • Pouching
    How many pills go into one pouch?

    There’s room for 5-7 pills. If you have more items per dose, we’ll simply dispense two pouches.

    How do you open the pouches?

    The right hand side of each pouch can be ripped easily to open and remove the tablets inside. The left hand side is gummed and cant be opened so make sure that it’s the right side of the pouch that you tear.

    How do the pouches differ from dosette boxes?

    Your medication comes ready-sorted into clearly-labelled pouches, so there’s no need to spend time sorting the doses yourself. And because we triple-check pouches prior to dispatch you can trust that they are accurate.

    Can everything on my prescription go into the pouches?

    We follow your doctor’s prescription instructions. But some medication isn’t suitable for pouching, so they will be packed alongside your pouches, including:

    • Medication that has a desiccant in the bottle which is needed to soak up moisture
    • Medication that isn’t to be taken daily or regularly, for example ‘taken when required’ or on alternate days
    • Schedule 2 control drugs, for example morphine and methadone
    • Schedule 3 and 4 control drugs, which need to be stored safely by law

    Do you always use the same brands?

    Most of the time we use the same brands, but occasionally we might use an alternative due to manufacturer supply issues.

    What about expiry dates on pouched items?

    Each individual pouch has the date and time of day that you should take this medication. You can rest assured that if you take your medication according to these dates that your medication will always be ‘in-date’.

    Where’s the Patient Information Leaflet that usually comes with medication?

    It’s easy to read leaflets online at medicines.org.uk/emc – using the simple search bar. This saves paper and helps us all do our bit for the planet. If you would prefer a paper copy, contact customerservices@pilltime.co.uk.

    Can the pouches be recycled?

    Yes you can put empty pouches into your recycling. Our pouches significantly reduce the amount of packaging and waste compared to bottles and boxes.

    Will my pouches arrive in a PillTime dispensing box each time?

    All first-time deliveries include a blue cardboard PillTime dispensing box free of charge. To reduce waste, we encourage you to reuse this box. Just request a new one when you need to, and it will arrive with your next delivery.

    Does my medication have to be pouched?

    We can send your medication in original packaging if that’s what you prefer, just let us know.

  • Vitamins
    What is the vitamin subscription service?

    We can put your choice of vitamins in with your current medication, so everything is pouched together and delivered for free. You pay a small monthly subscription for the service.

    How much will I pay?   

    It depends how many vitamins you choose. For example, multivitamins cost £1.49 a month (28 day cycle). You can find the costs for all vitamins in the ‘Subscriptions’ page of Your Account.

    Why do you offer vitamins?

    It’s another simple and convenient way to look after your health and wellbeing, which we know Is important to our customers. With everything pouched together, you won’t miss a dose of vitamins and will get the full benefit.

    What vitamins are available?

    We have selected vitamins that offer a combination of essential nutrients, that you can mix and match to suit your health priorities. You can see all of the products available on the Subscriptions page of Your Account.

    How do I subscribe?

    Follow these easy steps:

    1. Sign into Your Account
    2. Click on Subscriptions to see a summary of the role each vitamin plays in the body

    When you’re happy with your selection, set up your order.

  • Delivery
    When will my order be delivered?

    Our aim is to deliver in good time to start your next repeat prescription. We’ll send you an email to say it’s on its way, with any tracking information. And you can log in to your My PillTime account to see what is happening.

    Can I request a delivery time?

    We will let you know what date your medication is due for delivery and provide tracking information. But at the moment, we can’t give you a time.

    Do you charge for delivery?

    No, our delivery and pouching services are free.

    What if I’m not home?

    Please let our team know and we can arrange for your medication to be delivered to another address, such as a trusted neighbour or your workplace.

    What happens if I am going away or on holiday?

    If you expect to run out of your medication while you are away, you will need to order your prescription early. Let your GP know and then let us know to expect your prescription early, giving us plenty of time to get the items to you.

    Do I have to sign for delivery?

    Only if your delivery contains controlled drugs. If you’re unlikely to be home, please let us know and we can rearrange.

    How will my insulin be delivered?

    It will come in refrigerated packaging on 24-hour tracked delivery to keep it at the right temperature. Our special Insulin deliveries are made from Monday-Thursday, and you get it within 24 hours.

    What if you don’t receive my prescription from my GP on time?

    We need at least 10 days to sort out your medication before the next start date. If your prescription is late then we will contact your surgery and ask to receive it (unless you are a patient that orders your own). If it continues to be late then we will contact you to let you know.

    Do you deliver emergency prescriptions?

    Yes. If something is prescribed which isn’t in your usual repeat prescription, let us know and we will send it to you in original packaging to start straight away.

  • Your business
    What kind of businesses does PillTime work with?

    We work with care providers of all sizes: domiciliary carers, care homes, hospital wards and intermediary care.

    How can you support my business?

    We understand the challenges you face – meeting regulations and maintaining high standards, while providing personalised care and support for your service users.

    Our free pouching and delivery service helps you save time in medication preparation and paperwork, improving efficiency and reducing costs, and freeing up carers to spend more quality time with service users.

    How much does PillTime cost?

    PillTime’s service is free of charge, there is no additional charge for our pouches and standard delivery. If your service users pay for their prescriptions, this cost still stands.

    What is PillTime’s relationship with the NHS?

    We are a registered NHS pharmacy, providing prescribed medication on behalf of the NHS. We are funded in the same way as community pharmacies.

  • Process
    How does it work?

    1. Every month, simply order your prescriptions with your GP and send
    us a copy. We ask for your order 20 days before the cycle begins.

    Please order all the items on the prescription including non-pouchable items such as inhalers, creams, liquids or any PRN medicines.

    2. We dispense capsules and tablets in dosed pouches, hygienically and safely. Our robust technology ensures pouches are accurate and each pouch is hand-checked too.

    3. We send you all the items on your service users’ prescriptions in their own box, and ship them to you at least 5 days before their start date.

    We will let you know what date your medication is due for delivery and provide tracking information.

    What about the paperwork?

    Hard copies of NICE standard MAR charts arrive with every shipment – you can customise with PRNs, let us know when you send your monthly order.

    We supply a shipping note so you can count-in medication stock easily.

    Do you meet NICE and CQC standards?

    MARs follow NICE guidance and tailored MARs meet exceptional CQC standards. And we support your medication audits in preparation for CQC inspections preparation for CQC inspections.

  • Support
    Do I get a single point of contact? 

    Yes, we introduce you to your own account manager, which means you get the support you need when you need it – without switchboards or switches in PillTime personnel each time.

    And it means we can act quickly if you need to make prescription changes or need to manage urgent prescriptions.

    What is a PillTime online account?

    You can create a free online account and log in any time to:

        • check on the progress of prescriptions
        • quickly update us on changes
        • see and track conversations

    How do I synchronise my service user’s dates?

    We can help you alter your monthly order quantities so that all your service users share the same start date, simply request assistance by contacting your account manager.

    Can I speak to a pharmacist?

    You can book in a telephone appointment with our team of pharmacists by contacting your account manager.

  • Pouches

    How are the pouches dispensed?

    Each service user has their own box, containing a reel of pouches. Each pouch is clearly labelled with their name, NHS Number and the name and description of the medicine inside. We include a paper MAR sheet with each delivery for your reference.

    How many pills go into one pouch?

    Each PillTime pouch fits between 5-7 pills. If there are more items than this in one dose, we will simply dispense two pouches per dose.

    How do pouches support patient-centric care?

    50% of patients do not take their medication as prescribed and pouches support adherence. They promote independence as service users can easily open the pouches and self-administer their medication. They can take pouches to and from hospital stays or trips away.

    How do the pouches differ from dosette boxes?

    Dosette boxes have rigid dosing options and limited labelling. PillTime pouches detail the full dose information including the date and time needed to administer it, as well as a pill description of everything inside.

    Our pouches come ready sorted, so there’s no need to spend time doing this yourself.

    Can everything on the prescription go into the pouches?

    We can dispense most tablet medication into pouches. We cannot pouch alternate (or non-daily) dosing medication, and these will be provided in original packs. We send these, along with other non-pouchable items like inhalers and lotions in your monthly PillTime delivery.

    What about controlled and other special types of drug?

    We follow the prescription instructions. But some medication isn’t suitable for pouching, so they will be packed alongside your pouches, including:

    • Medication that has a desiccant in the bottle which is needed to soak up moisture.
    • Medication that isn’t to be taken daily or regularly, for example ‘taken when required’ or on alternate days.
    • Schedule 2 control drugs, for example morphine and methadone.
    • Schedule 3 and 4 control drugs, which need to be stored safely by law. For further information, please refer to www.cqc.org.uk or www.bnf.org
    • Cytotoxic drugs as they can contaminate other items, so will remain in their original packaging.
    • Most dispersible drugs, as they can soak up moisture when pouched. Dispersible aspirin is an exception, as it stays stable, so can still be pouched.
    • Chewable drugs.
    • Hydroscopic medications, due to stability must remain in their original packaging.
    • Warfarin-due to fluctuations in dosage regime.

    Where are the patient information leaflets for pouched medication? 

    We’re keen to do out bit for the planet by using less paper. So we ask that you access patient information leaflets online, rather than receive multiple leaflets every month with your delivery. You simply search for the medication in the search bar at the following website medicines.org.uk/emc

    If you would prefer a paper copy, please contact us at care@pilltime.co.uk and we will be more than happy to help.

    Does the medication have to be pouched?

    No. If you prefer to receive some medication in the original packaging, let us know, and we will arrange this for you.

  • Managing medication

    Do you provide controlled drugs?

    Yes, changes to legislation in February 2019 means that controlled drugs can be sent via the Electronic Prescription Service. Controlled drugs require signed delivery, so please get in touch to confirm your delivery preferences.

    Can you deliver insulin?

    Yes, we send insulin in refrigerated packaging on 24 hour tracked delivery, which keeps your medication at the required temperature in transit.

    Does the whole prescription come at the same time?

    PillTime aims to deliver all of your service user’s repeat medication every 28 days.

    Can we use PillTime if our service users have 7-day prescriptions?

    We are unable to send medications on a weekly basis because it takes more than seven days to prepare and deliver our PillTime pouches.

    You could ask the GP to change the prescriptions to be monthly. If this is not possible, a traditional community pharmacy is more suitable for your needs.

    What happens if a prescription is received late?

    If we don’t receive the prescription at least 15 days before your service users next medication start date, we will alert you and, from time to time, we may ask that you help us by contacting your surgery.

    Do you always use the same brands?

    We aim to provide brand consistency at all times but occasionally it might be necessary to use an alternative brand due to manufacturer supply issues.

    What about expiry dates?

    Pouched medication – we ensure that all medication put into pouches is within its expiry date. Once in the pouch, the expiry date will reduce to three to six months. But because each pouch clearly shows the date and time the contents should be taken, you can rest assured medication will be ‘in date’ if taken on time.

    Medication that we provide in its original packaging will have an expiry date stated on the container.

    Do you accept emergency prescriptions?      

    Should a prescription be issued outside of the regular repeat medication, let us know and we will send it to you in original packaging to start straight away.

    If you need the medication that day, contact us and we will email you the barcode for the urgent prescription. You can use this barcode at any local pharmacy so they can dispense the medication immediately.

    What happens if medications are changed mid-cycle?

    Remove old – we can remove the medication from the remaining pouches.  This is straightforward because we store images of every pouch dispensed which helps us remove the medication specified.

    Add new ­–  we will dispense it in its original pack (non-pouched) and then add it to the next cycle of pouches.

    How do I return unwanted medicines?

    Please return it to us by post to the following address:

    Medication Returns, PillTime Ltd, 9 St. Andrews Trading Estate, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 9YE

    Alternatively, you can take wastage to any NHS pharmacy who is dutifully bound to accept it.