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Did you know?

£1.6 billion

is the annual NHS cost of medication errors a 2018 report found. Errors occurred at all stages of the prescription journey, from dispensing to administration and monitoring.

£300 million

is the annual NHS cost of wasted medication, as a result of patients not taking their medication correctly.

Our free service helps to improve adherence, remove errors
and promote patient health.

We provide you and your patients with the medication support you need. Our pouches
are tailored to each patient’s needs, so you can be confident in their care.

How it works

GP surgeries

Our multiple medication solution works seamlessly with both the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) and electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD). This helps reduce the workload and burden associated with repeat prescriptions, while reducing waste and improving compliance — ensuring the prescribing process is as efficient as possible.


Our personalised pouches replace traditional compliance aids. We use robotic technology to produce pouches more quickly and safely than traditional trays, allowing for speedier discharge of patients.

Domiciliary Care

Having all the medication you need to administer in one clearly labelled, dose-specific pouch allows you to spend less time sorting medication and more time providing vital care and support to your customers.

Care Homes

Our clearly labelled pouches are pre-sorted with all the medication you need for each resident in one pouch. This reduces the likelihood of administration errors and improves efficiency when caring for a number of residents or for those with complex or chronic conditions.

Watch our technology in action

The Health Secretary recently paid a visit to our robots in Salford Royal’s Digital Experience Centre. Our innovative process puts us at the cutting edge of UK pharmacy.

Photo of Matt Hancock (Health Secretary)

Simpler for patients

Now patients have a failsafe solution. Our pouches help them to better manage their medication, so they are less likely to miss doses.

Simpler for you

Patients’ medication is sorted by dose and delivered to their door for free, so there’s no need to spend time sorting medication. Our service gives you more time to deliver other vital care to your patients, with the confidence that every dose is accurate.

Medication made simple with innovation and experience

PillTime was founded by award-winning pharmacist Paul Mayberry, who has almost 30 years’ experience of running community pharmacies. With a combination of highly trained pharmacist and robotic technology, we provide a unique solution for patients who struggle to take their medication properly.

Working together

Find out more about improving patient outcomes with PillTime.

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Our service helps reduce the financial burden on the NHS by reducing medication errors, non-adherence and waste.

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