Sustainable Medication

PillTime strives to provide an environmentally friendly service that helps our patients, the NHS and the planet. Find out more about our ethos points below.


We are passionate about improving patient care and reducing NHS costs by helping people take their medication correctly.

Better patient health

PillTime pouches makes it simple for patients to manage their medication. This helps keep people healthy, which reduces NHS costs of avoidable treatment and hospital admissions.

Medication accuracy

Medication errors cost the NHS an estimated £300 million a year. Our unique process improves medication accuracy and reduces costly dispensing errors.

No extra NHS costs

We provide these additional services at no extra cost to the NHS.


PillTime is an eco-friendly pharmacy that helps to protect the environment through responsible packaging and delivery.

Plastic-free packaging

Our pouches are made from bio-degradable cellulose, to reduce single-use plastic waste.

Less cardboard waste

'Naked packaging deliveries' have dramatically reduced our cardboard waste over the last two months.

Low carbon footprint

We deliver medication directly to patients' doors, which reduces single-purpose trips to collect medication from the pharmacy or GP surgery.


We use the latest technology to reduce waste and create a pharmacy that's equipped for the future.

Electronic prescribing

We embrace the Electronic Prescription Service to reduce the paper waste and improve prescribing efficiency.

Robotic dispensing

We use robotic technology to dispense the medication into pouches. This improves dispensing accuracy and reduces medication waste.

Image recognition

Every pouch is optically checked to ensure doses are accurate. This rigorous checking sets a new standard for UK pharmacy.

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