The hardest thing about being a carer
June 9, 2019

“It’s impossible to explain how consuming it is to be a carer for someone you love.” Hannah from PillTime opens up about how the service resonates with her on a personal level. I used to have a fixed idea of... Read More


Stress in the city? Life hacks for city stress
June 6, 2019

It’s no secret that city-dwellers experience high stress levels a lot of the time. Here’s how to manage your city stress levels when living in the most stressful UK cities. What with busy commutes, high housing costs and lack of... Read More

Should I be taking antidepressants?: Inside the pouch
June 4, 2019

People have very strong opinions about taking antidepressants. Are antidepressants right for you? Keep reading to find out more. Some people find antidepressants a bit scary. Others tell all their friends they need to take them. Antidepressants are some of... Read More


How to reduce high blood pressure
May 30, 2019

High blood pressure is a worrying condition that affects 1 in 3 adults in the U.K. It’s responsible for over half of all strokes and heart attacks but can be tackled through simple lifestyle changes. (1) What is high blood pressure?... Read More


What you need to know about omeprazole: Inside the pouch
May 26, 2019

Are you taking omeprazole? We’re taking a look inside the pouch to tell you more about this common medication. Omeprazole was first discovered in 1979 by a Swedish pharmaceutical company. These days, it’s one of the UK’s most prescribed drugs.... Read More


Travelling with a disability or illness
May 22, 2019

Do you find it difficult to manage your health when you’re away from home? Follow these tips to help your trip go smoothly. Lots of us who have health issues find it difficult to be away from home. Home is... Read More


Recovering from a heart attack
May 16, 2019

A heart attack changes everything. It’s important to follow recovery advice to minimise your risk of ongoing issues. Learning how to manage your health after a heart attack can be complex. You may need to change some old habits that... Read More


Medication pouches with PillTime: what you need to know
April 30, 2019

Need a simpler solution to tricky trays and blister packs? At PillTime, we pouch your medication to help you take it on time, every time. Here’s everything you need to know about PillTime pouches: Pouches 101 Traditional medication aids are... Read More


Are you living with chronic pain every day?
April 23, 2019

  28 million people in the UK suffer with chronic pain. Is chronic pain affecting your life? Keep reading to find out more about what chronic pain is and how to manage it. Pain is something that most of us... Read More