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Although there’s lots of pieces to the puzzle, medication is an important one. Take control of your health with PillTime. We’re an online pharmacy with a difference. We help you get your medication organised and deliver it for free. To find out more, visit our Homepage.

Did you know that more than 50% of people don’t take their medication properly? Good medication management is the key to staying healthy, but non-adherence is a growing problem. PillTime is a new online service with a solution. We are supporting healthcare professionals to devise the best care for patients. We want to help patients, professionals and the NHS.

Chronic illness is on the rise. Medication can be complex for patients with long-term conditions. When patients take multiple medications, mistakes are often made. Sorting doses can get confusing. Plus, patients may forget to take them on time.

However, errors occur at other stages, too. Recent reports show that millions of errors are made every year in the UK.

PillTime offers a unique service. We tackle every stage of the process. Our technology reduces the risk of human error in dispensing. Our pouch solution makes administration simple.

PillTime is ideal for GPs and carers who are trying to promote self-care. We are supporting healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes and reduce NHS costs. Check out our healthcare professionals blog for more.


Supporting the NHS Long Term Plan
April 18, 2019

PillTime is a growing NHS pharmacy. Not only do we help patients, but the NHS, too.  Here’s how the service aligns seamlessly with the NHS Long Term Plan. NHS goal-setting On January 7th 2019, the NHS published a new action... Read More


Pouch dispensing could revolutionise NHS hospitals.
November 23, 2018

Salford Royal’s initial pouch dispensing trials reduce medication rounds by thirty minutes.   Salford Royal Hospital is a hub for healthcare innovation. Its Digital Experience Centre is open to the public and boasts ground-breaking medical technology that could revolutionise the... Read More

dementia sufferer and loved one

Medication for people with Dementia
October 5, 2018

There’s no one size fits all way to care for people with Dementia. Everyone will be at a different stage of their journey, with different emotions, fears and medication needs. So where do we begin?   Dementia affects everyone differently.... Read More

future of healthcare technology

The future of healthcare starts now – Pharmacy Technology
October 4, 2018

With the NHS turning 70 this year, we’re having big conversations around the future of healthcare in the UK. It’ll come as no surprise that everyone’s talking about the power of innovation and technology.   Healthcare professionals from all sectors... Read More

putting non-adherence to good use

Non-Adherence: Put It To Good Use
September 4, 2018

  An article by The Pharmaceutical Journal labels non-adherence as ‘medicine’s weakest link’. Non-adherence has a huge impact on patient outcomes. If patients do not take their medication as prescribed, they are more likely to become unwell. They may also... Read More