Online doctor service


See a doctor online at your everyday convenience.

You don’t already need to be a customer of our medication management to take advantage of our partnership with the GP Service.

You can talk to an experienced, friendly doctor, usually within thirty minutes via your phone or laptop.

They are open 365 days a year from 8am to 8pm

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Prices exclusive to PillTime customers

Per doctor consultation: Usually £39.99, Now £34.99
Prescription Processing Fee: Usually £7.49, Now FREE
Fit Notes: Usually £15.00, Now FREE
Referral letters: Usually £15.00, Now FREE

Our doctors are UK GMC registered and all appointments are discreet and confidential via safe and secure video chat.

No queues, no waiting. Appointments are available all year round between 8am and 8pm.
One of our UK based doctors will listen to your needs and will help with the appropriate treatments.

95% of prescriptions are instantly processed by our doctors and available to collect within an hour.

Your local GP will be informed of any treatments.

How does it work

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Create your GP Service account in minutes, either on the GP Service website (link) or by downloading the GP Service app.

Book Appointment
Book to see a doctor online the same day, at a time best suited to you. Appointments are available 365 days a year between 8am and 8pm.

See a Doctor
Speak to an NHS registered doctor, using your phone, laptop or tablet.

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Covid testing service


A convenient way of testing in preparation for essential travel or business.

In partnership with Agilis Health, PillTime offer two, convenient ways to obtain a PCR test certificate and validate that you are not affected by Covid-19.

Covid testing – Fit to fly


The ‘Fit to Fly’ scheme which is accepted by many countries, airlines and other travel operators requires a traveller to show a negative PCR test result, dated normally less than 72 hours before travel. Travel operators may deny boarding if a valid test certificate can’t be shown when requested.

Even if your travel operator does not require a negative PCR test certificate, the destination country might need one to be shown as evidence. Border control may ask you for a valid test certificate to be shown and without one, your entry could potentially be denied.

Agilis Health has a UKAS approved laboratory in the UK that provides a PCR testing service, including the provision of Fit to Fly testing.

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Covid testing – Test to release


The ‘Test to Release’ scheme is for people travelling to the UK, who may need to quarantine upon arrival.

The standard duration of quarantine is 10 days after arrival to the UK, but with a test being taken on the 5th day of quarantine, this can allow an individual to potentially come out of quarantine at some point during day 6, provided that the test is taken as soon as possible on day 5, and provided that the test result is negative.

A traveller must order a PCR test from a UK government approved laboratory before they travel to the UK and complete a ‘Passenger Locator Form.’

Day 1 of quarantine commences from the time the traveller leaves the departing country to come to the UK. The PCR test will be shipped to a UK address, and on the 5th day of quarantine, the test can be taken.

Agilis Health has a UKAS approved laboratory in the UK that provides a secure PCR testing service. Agilis Health is also on the UK government’s approved ‘Test to Release’ scheme, for the provision of ‘Test to Release’ testing.

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Prices exclusive to PillTime customers


The Agilis Health PCR test costs £195 + VAT per test, where payment is securely made online using a credit or debit card.

The PCR testing process is straightforward, and Agilis Health will guide you every step of the way.

The PCR testing service is home-administered and consists of the following:


  • Swab sample pack delivered to any UK postcode location
  • Real time remote video nurse sample technique advisor call
  • Returns packaging and prepaid return postage labels, guaranteed next day delivery before 12pm
  • Laboratory sample analysis and test result notification
  • Test result certificate validating the outcome, sent to an email Inbox of your choice
  • Results normally issued 12 to 18 hours after receipt at the lab for analysis, sometimes within 12 hours, however these times are not guaranteed.